Often, companies take the wrong direction in their social media strategy, thinking they’re doing the right thing but they have no idea that it can also have a bad impact on their brand image. Especially on the web, where everything is going fast, a small thing can have a snowball effect,  create a bad buzz and affect companies’ e-reputation.That is why, in this article, we highlighted the 10 bad practices that you should absolutely banish from its strategy.

Artificial intelligence … a word that frightens many people. The main reason is the fear to replace human work by a machine. But AI has more pros than cons and it can be a real help for social media. First it helps people to gain times in their missions. Then it creates new opportunities and jobs as AI needs humans to operate. So how AI automate and make it easier to manage social media? 

Youtube is a powerful social media although many companies avoid using it for several reasons. For the 18-34 age range this is the most used cable network. People spend their time to watch every month 6 billion hours of video. This score increases by 50% in one year according to the study of Mushroom Network. So Youtube offers many opportunities for your business that you need to know how to optimize it.